Armenia won the EMEA Regional Banknote of the Year

The National Bank of Armenia is no stranger to innovation. Earlier in 2018, it won the EMEA Regional Banknote of the Year accolade for its 500-dram commemorative note at the 2018 High Security Printing (HSP) Conference in Warsaw. The note, which features Noah’s Ark as its main motif, won the award for its advanced design and technology. It was Armenia’s first note produced on Louisenthal’s Hybrid substrate – a cotton-based banknote paper protected on both sides by an ultra-thin polyester foil. The new note also included Galaxy®, LaserCut™ and RollingStar® LEAD security elements.

Following on from the success of the 500 dram note, it was no surprise that Armenia’s national bank would choose Hybrid substrate again for its new series. The organisation has developed a clean note policy to ensure that people can easily check and authenticate the country’s notes and that they can be processed efficiently in banking systems. Hybrid is ideal for this type of strategy as the notes last a lot longer, requiring fewer reprint cycles and saving money.

Unique harmonisation of security and design

Making optimal use of new technologies from G+D Currency Technology and Louisenthal, the security features and banknote design are tightly integrated with each other. “Take the new 2,000-dram note as an example,” comments Vitali Rabau. “It depicts the Armenian world chess champion Tigran Petrosyan. Here, we have repeated the chess king crown image – once as a SPARK feature on the bottom left of the front of the note, and once as a LaserCut window on the top right. The SPARK colour shift is adapted to the colour shift of our Galaxy thread featuring dynamic and multidimensional effects, which also turns from gold to green and can be seen from any tilting angle – even in poor light and without specialist training.”

“This synchronization between different security features is easy for users to recognise on each of the six new notes, while also representing a tremendously complex challenge for would-be counterfeiters,” adds Rabau.

Telling a story: the rich history of Armenia

One reason Louisenthal and G+D Currency Technology stand out is because of their unique ability to narrate the story of a country or of a certain personality – not with words, but with the design of both the banknote and the security features. “With the new Armenian series, we’ve also created a link between the two sides of the note using the transparent security window, which itself can be integrated into the story,” says Rabau. “We developed this integrated concept for the whole series, which was very well received by the Central Bank of Armenia – not least because it’s possible to implement this idea on every banknote using the appropriate symbolism and in the context of an overall story, even for the lower denominations,” adds Rabau.

No wonder the bank is pleased! Its partners have full mastery over all aspects of the cash cycle – from the choice and manufacture of the substrate through to layout, design and security feature optimisation – all from a single source. The project also included a key factor for any successful project: close collaboration based on mutual respect and trust.

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