The banknotes not only show for example any portrait, but even the living story of the history and presence of an independent and progressive country

Christoph Gebauer, Senior Product Manager of High Security Foils at Louisenthal

Bringing a story to life

The 50-manat banknote is a truly inspiring design focused on the theme of “Education and Future.” The front of the note tells an evocative story of school students on the left of the note, transitioning to university students in the center, who walk up the stairs towards their futures as working citizens. The doorways represent the many opportunities that Azerbaijan’s national education programs open and the exciting future that lies ahead for the country’s population.

The RollingStar® LEAD Mix high-security foil stripe shows the new animated effect of a “walking man” on the bottom right of the note. This attractive and eye-catching motif is called "Animate-Effect" which brings every movement of persons, animals or other moving things to life. This is a particularly powerful component as it uses a highly sophisticated micromirror and color-shift technology to make the story remarkably dynamic. By using our state-of-the-art foil element, RollingStar® LEAD, the security feature not only makes the banknote impossible to counterfeit, but it also brings to life the experiences of the Azerbaijani people. The flip effect allows the man to change positions when the banknote is tilted, and the color changes from gold to green.

“We completely exceeded expectations with the walking man and other elements that are harmoniously integrated into the banknote,” says Vitali Rabau, Head of Sales, Banknote Printing and Banknote Solutions, at G+D. “The customer was very happy that we were able to present the themes through dynamic security features in a very concise and striking way.”

Unique and vibrant security features

The doorway and metallic security foil also utilize RollingStar® LEAD Mix, which adds innovative patterns and luminous images with 3-D effects and color shifts. In addition, the back of the note incorporates tactile printings to enable visually impaired people to identify the value of the note, as well as a sophisticated watermark, ultraviolet fibers, and embossed features. All of these high-level security features are seamlessly embedded into the story of the banknote, and allow cross-referencing between different security technologies.

Christoph Gebauer is convinced that cross-referencing is crucial for both effective security and storytelling. “By using the same outstanding motifs across different features, we reach an even higher level of storytelling,” he asserts. “Cross-referencing by using different high-end technologies makes the banknote more secure, and more eye-catching, even in low light – the stairway continues into the foil stripe and another three-dimensional and dynamic, animated archway is included in the security foil to keep the story running. This marriage of sophisticated technologies and easy recognition ensures strong counterfeit resilience, especially for quick and clear optical verification by citizens.”

Consistent designs, unique banknotes

While it was important to retain the themes, basic colors, and motifs that appeared on the previous banknote series, the arrangement of the motifs and the overall impression of the three denominations were optimized. The value figures have become more prominent, the colors are refreshed, and the notes were given a more modern appearance.The theme of the one-manat note is “Culture and Art,” exemplified with a creative array of instruments and musical notes. The five-manat note focuses on “Writing and Literature” by seamlessly incorporating books and ink as motifs in the security features. Each of the three denominations features polygons on the side, symbolizing Azerbaijan’s interconnectedness with the world.

“It was very rewarding to work closely with the Central Bank of Azerbaijan and bring their vision of a modern banknote to life,” says Rabau. “With eye-catching design and cutting-edge technology, we have developed a distinctive banknote series that transports the story of the population’s sovereignty and contemporary lives.”

G+D and Louisenthal are very proud to be the partner of choice for our esteemed customer, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. By delivering beautiful designs that combine functionality, visual appeal, and well-integrated, state-of-the-art security features, we allowed the central bank to achieve its goal of modernizing the manat bankotes. Through a collaborative approach, we successfully created value for the both the cash cycle and the economy of Azerbaijan.

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