Living respect – acting together

Our employees are the key to the success of our business. Their commitment, knowledge, and skills determine the quality of our products and services, and thus our success in the marketplace.
Our aim is to be a responsible and reliable employer. Encouraging the commitment and satisfaction of our employees are two of our top priorities. Respect for every single employee is an integral part of our corporate culture and the basis of motivation and loyalty. It is the key to winning the trust of our employees.


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Our responsibility

Louisenthal is responsible for around one thousand employees. How we behave as employer is a key factor in attracting the best people from around the world. Which is why we aim to be an attractive employer, to reward performance appropriately, to offer opportunities for personal development, and to shape the future together with our employees

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It is also why we are constantly developing our human resources mechanisms. We are always working on programs and options to help people achieve a balance between professional commitment, responsibility for others, and personal development.

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Staff development

We want to be the type of employer that motivates and encourages its staff. We have developed a comprehensive qualification and training program to help our employees in their professional and personal development.

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This program ranges from specialized training through intercultural skills and foreign languages to team and communication training. Our aim is to provide the right promotional opportunities for every position.

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Work and life

We aim to be an attractive and successful employer. It is our responsibility to ensure our employees can balance their professional goals with their private interests.

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We are developing offers with a view to the variety of lifestyles and life phases among our employees, as well as changing business conditions. This is why across the company, we have implemented part-time and job-sharing roles, in addition to teleworking, which are constantly being adapted and developed to suit employees.

In addition to protecting the health of our staff in the workplace, Louisenthal also focuses on promoting healthy living in general. After all, maintaining employee performance levels is a key challenge for organizations, particularly in this day and age. That is why we help our staff stay healthy by offering a diverse fitness programme, health activities, preventative measures and a wide range of special initiatives such as healthy cooking.

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Daycare centre for Louisenthal

Our Louisenthal daycare centre, KITA-LOU, supports our employees with children in achieving a healthy work/life balance. Daycare and after-school places are also available here for families in Gmund am Tegernsee and, depending on capacity, other neighbouring communities.

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KITA-LOU is staffed and operated by Kinderland Weyarn GmbH, whose educational concept places great emphasis on supporting and nurturing character development, encouraging children’s independence and creativity as well as teaching interpersonal skills. The centre’s offering includes early music education, movement training, language promotion and school preparation activities.

More information about KITA-LOU is available here (German only).

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