On the high street

By law, stores in most German states are allowed to open from 6 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. Sunday is considered a day of rest and most shops, with the exception of those in airports, petrol and train stations (and some tourist shops), are closed. The same applies to public holidays.

The main shopping area in Munich is in the city centre around Marienplatz, the main square. The pedestrian zone boasts large department stores, shopping arcades, international fashion stores and souvenir shops, as well as some restaurants, cafés and bars. Department stores and shops in the city centre are generally open from 10 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday).

Most souvenir shops can be found in the immediate vicinity of Marienplatz or around the famous “Hofbräuhaus” (royal brewery). Munich’s most expensive shopping avenue, Maximilianstrasse, boasts luxury shops carrying international designer labels.

At the mall

In the outskirts of Munich, you will mostly find shopping malls. They include shops selling homeware, books and electronics, food, fashion and so on. There is one such shopping mall, “Riem Arcaden”, close to the New Trade Fair centre and about 7 kilometres from G&D’s headquarters. There is also a branch of “Media Markt”, the largest electronic store in Germany, very close to G&D.

The price displayed is the final price in Germany, and taxes (such as VAT) are always included. The most popular means of payment are either cash or debit card, which immediately deducts the amount from your account. However, credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted. Some shops may ask you to show ID when paying by credit card.

Outlet stores

The following discount outlet stores offer top-quality designer fashion, jewellery, shoes and household items reduced by up to 70%:

Ingolstadt Village outlet centre (approx. 80 km N of Munich)

Metzingen (approx. 200 km NW of Munich): Hugo Boss, Jil Sander and other designers

Herzogenaurach (approx. 200 km N of Munich): PUMA and Adidas

Wertheim (approx. 300 km NW of Munich): 100 luxury outlet boutiques, e.g.  Versace

Salzburg (approx. 150 km SE of Munich): right next to Salzburg International Airport

Munich city centre map

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Tax refunds

If you reside outside the EU and take your purchases home with you, you may ask for the VAT (generally 19%) to be reimbursed at the airport (Munich terminal 1: departure B / level 4 and terminal 2: departure levels 4 and 5; opening hours: 6 am – 10 pm).

Show details

When you make a purchase at shops participating in tax-free shopping schemes such as Global Blue, you can ask for a form which you then fill in before presenting it at Customs. If the shop where you made your purchase is not associated with Global Blue or similar, you may still request a refund by showing your original receipt at the airport but the amount reimbursed may be lower.

If you intend to transport the purchased goods in your hold luggage, you need to check in first and then take your labelled bag to Customs (Munich terminal 1: departure area B / level 4 and terminal 2: departure level 4). There you are required to show the good(s) along with your passport, boarding pass, tax-free form (if applicable) and original receipts. Customs will then take care of delivering your bag to the aircraft.

If you want to carry the purchased goods in your hand luggage, you can follow the above procedure when entering the security area (Munich terminal 1: departure area B / level 4 and terminal 2: departure level 5) and then claim your refund in the transit area.

The relevant amount (generally 19% minus a handling fee) will either be handed over in cash or credited to your bank account later on.

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