Security Features

Security features – to ensure maximum built-in security

Louisenthal offers paper mills an extensive range of security features that involve secure complex processes to ensure protection against counterfeiting. As a specialist provider of banknote and security paper, Louisenthal provides security features that are all fully optimized for embedding into or applying onto substrates. Louisenthal works with paper mills to support implementation of our security features at every stage of the process.


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Security Threads

Security threads are a highly effective and good value long-lasting security feature. Widely recognized by the public, security threads are extremely complex to produce to ensure protection against counterfeiting.

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Our portfolio

  • RollingStar® Security Threads
  • ColourShift Threads
  • Holographic Threads
  • Demetallized Threads
  • Printed Threads

Foil Elements

Security foil elements are easy-to-authenticate security features with striking designs across a prominent area of a banknote. Security foils ensure high recognition and design flexibility, incorporating gold, copper, or aluminum effects. Exclusive and sophisticated origination technologies are used to create customer-specific designs that are secure against counterfeiting.

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Our portfolio

  • Holographic Foils
  • Other OVD Foils