Governments and Ministries

As a long-term partner to government ministries around the world, Louisenthal is a trusted supplier of security paper to many countries. Our research and technology activities allow us to bring innovative new substrates and security features to the market, setting the standards in the security document industry. In addition, Louisenthal’s engineering expertise has placed the company in the lead with processes proven in new construction and upgrade projects for paper mills, print works and mints worldwide.


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Solutions for Governments and Ministries

Security Features

Louisenthal offers governments an extensive range of security features that are born through secure complex processes to ensure protection against counterfeiting. Louisenthal’s security features are embedded into or applied onto the security document during the paper production process, making them an integral part of the substrate.

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Our portfolio

  • Cylinder Mould Watermarks
  • Security Threads
  • Foil Elements
  • Printed Features
  • Covert Security Features

Security Paper

Louisenthal offers government ministries a portfolio of different security papers for specialist applications within passports and other identification documents, checks, share certificates etc. Governments can choose the security paper for a particular document according to its specific usage criteria and requirements for personalization.

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Our portfolio

  • Standard Security Paper
  • JetFix® Paper
  • TonerFix™ Paper

Plant Engineering

Louisenthal stands by its partners in the construction of their own production facilities. Based on know-how gained from actual experience, our experts analyze the requirements and options of the customer. We modernize existing plants or set up new plants all around the world.

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Our portfolio

  • Paper Mills
  • Minting Plants
  • Printing Works
  • Security Systems and Strong Rooms
  • Planning Services