Hybrid ADDvance®

Hybrid ADDvance® – scalable security for the entire banknote series circulating in challenging conditions

Louisenthal’s Hybrid™ substrate has become very successful over the years in many countries around the globe – especially in tropical and demanding circulation conditions. It features security elements which are mainly designed for market banknotes. Now, our scientists and engineers have made a breakthrough with the development of a new Hybrid™ variant: Hybrid ADDvance®.


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Hybrid ADDvance® is a composite showing a cotton core which is protected on both sides by an extremely thin foil, guaranteeing that the substrate or banknote still keeps its familiar cotton-like feel that people instinctively trust.

Hybrid ADDvance® offers security features that protect the banknote from external challenges – and that’s why it is ideal in humid countries.

Hybrid ADDvance® was designed from the outset to protect all of the security elements in your banknote series – from the lowest to the highest denominations. Security is ensured by the substrate itself as well as by the range of innovative security features – you will find an overview of them below.






Hybrid ADDvance®
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