Covert Security Features

Covert security features for a higher level of authentication

Louisenthal offers innovative covert features which can be integrated in security thread or foil features to boost their functionality at different authentication levels. Some of these features are designed for use by tellers or cashiers at a point-of-sale using a small handheld device to view covert effects. Others features are designed for machine-based authentication within commercial or central banks.


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Machine-readable magnetism:
From simple YES / NO detection to the use of complex codes (MultiCode™).
Louisenthal is a provider of innovative magnetic coding systems for security threads which ensure readability of sensor systems co-developed with Giesecke & Devrient. Louisenthal’s magnetic features offer the complete capability of customized thread encoding and machine-based authentication.

Machine-readable electrical conductivity
Persistent electrical conductivity along the thread is a basic machine-readable feature and is possible with most security thread types.

UV fluorescence – authentication with the aid of UV lamp
Various individual colors, color combinations, or rainbow effects become visible under UV light.

Pole® – authentication with the aid of polarization filters
Pole® is an attractive and innovative feature which is suitable for use instead of or in addition to common UV fluorescence. Pole® was awarded the distinction of “Best New Currency Feature” by the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) in 2008.