Cylinder Mould Watermarks

Watermarks – the banknote security feature the public recognizes best

The exclusiveness of producing cylinder mould watermarks has provided protection against counterfeiting for hundreds of years. The attractive designs that result are the most readily recognized security feature available to the general public for the authentication of banknotes. Central banks of all the world’s major currencies act on Interpol’s recommendation to embed watermarks in banknotes to protect against currency counterfeiting.

Louisenthal offers a range of specific watermark products, each with a characteristic appearance that can be combined within a single banknote. Combining different watermark effects within a single design creates a unique and eye-catching image to increase security and ease authentication. Our ongoing development of new watermark technologies makes it possible to implement new graphic effects that better realize artist’s designs within banknote paper.


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Louisenthal’s watermark portfolio

Multitone Watermark

Multitone cylinder mould watermark security features are proven over the centuries for displaying banknote portraits and motifs.

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HighLight Watermark

HighLight or electrotype watermarks are perfect for versatile use in portraying numbers as very fine or very broad characters within a complex design.

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Pixel Watermark

Pixel watermarks open up whole new options for developing eye-catching designs that are secure against counterfeiting.

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