Printed Features

Printed features – alluring security features for fast authentication

Printed features using optically variable inks (OVIs) create alluring anti-copy security features that enable fast authentication of banknotes. Printed features create effects that depending on the angle of view are either visible, change color or vanish when the banknote is tilted. Louisenthal uses only exclusive and non-commercially available inks in a complex production process to originate customer-specific designs that are secure against counterfeiting.

Louisenthal offers a range of sophisticated designs featuring iridescent, UV and OVI-effects using a silkscreen print process. These effects can be printed in perfect register to the banknote both horizontally and vertically for optimum integration into any banknote design. Available in a wide range of colors, printed features can be registered as a patch, as a continuous stripe, or in combination together, to the note.

Additional covert features are also offered that are visible only with special devices to provide an even higher level of authentication.


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Louisenthal`s portfolio of Printed Features

Iridescent Printed Features

Iridescent printed features for designs that appear or disappear in the light.

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OVI Printed Features

OVI printed features for dynamic color changes.

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UV Fluorescent Printed Features

UV fluorescent printed features for authentication under UV light.

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