Secure Windows

varifeye® windows – stunning views through to effective security features

Louisenthal’s varifeye secure windows provide stunning views through to effective security features for a banknote user. varifeye windows catch the eye and it is easy for people to identify and authenticate the holographic effects they can, for example, carry. The complex combination of production stages to create each feature ensures varifeye windows are secure against counterfeiting.

varifeye is a clear and secure window in a banknote which combined with security foils in an attractive design is used for simple authentication. These foils can include color-changing images, holographic effects, matt structures, or three-dimensional effects, and are highly durable during the circulation lifetime of a banknote.

Louisenthal’s secure windows can be combined with other security feature technologies to generate unique new effects such as:


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varifeye® ColourChange Patch

A new way to link eye-catching images on the front with contrasting shapes and effects on the back.

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varifeye® ColourChange

Light shining through the banknote causes the colour to change from gold to blue in the LaserCut motif.

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varifeye® Secure Window

varifeye Secure Window provides authentication that’s as clear as black or white.

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