varifeye® ColourChange – Connected identities come to life

Window and foil in a unique synergy

A complex technology is successful if it is well designed, attractive and functional. The best design can often be taken from nature. varifeye ColourChange is a high-tech feature of this kind, one which achieves an appealing vibrancy with the harmonious, colour-intensive and almost organic interplay of its two main components of window and foil.

The innovative varifeye foil retains its important function as a most prominent bearer of security features on a banknote. This is primarily supported by an ingeniously designed translucent window and a brilliant main motif with highly impressive colour change effects.

Cross-referencing features

Many security features can be used to supplement the design diversity of varifeye ColourChange. Designs can be repeated not only in the LaserCut see-through window but also in the watermark and in the print motifs. This connected synergy between the individual components thus helps create a life all the banknote’s own which is unmistakable and offers the highest levels of security.


Sales Louisenthal