Security Threads

Security threads – embedded authentication solutions with multi-level counterfeit protection

Security threads are a highly effective and good value long-lasting security feature. Widely recognized by the public, security threads are extremely complex to produce to ensure protection against counterfeiting. During cylinder-mould paper making, security threads are either fully embedded into a banknote or appear as evenly spaced window threads on its surface.

Security threads can be used in a wide range of applications and are versatile in design. Hologram and ColourShift design effects are both popular and eye-catching, providing quick and easy authentication for the public. Security threads incorporate multi-functionality including holograms, de-metallization, UV luminescence, and machine-readable properties, all within a thread typically up to 5mm wide.

Louisenthal has a long experience of producing security threads. As Louisenthal is also a producer of banknote substrates, all of our threads are optimized for embedding into currency paper.


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The Louisenthal portfolio of security threads

Galaxy® Security Threads

Galaxy offers a distinct colour change, high-level dynamics and a striking 3D effect.

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RollingStar® Security Threads

RollingStar, the new security thread innovation from Louisenthal, combines dynamic effects with unique colour shifts for the first time.

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ColourShift Threads

ColourShift and ColourShift/ColourFix security threads carry stunningly brilliant colors and feature a distinctive change in color when tilted.

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Holographic Threads

Holographic threads are an attractive and eye-catching security feature for protection against counterfeiting.

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Demetallized Threads

Demetallized security threads are characterized by transparent areas on a metalized foil surface.

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Printed Threads

Security threads printed with country codes are an efficient way to individualize and protect security documents such as passports and other ID documents against counterfeiting.

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