Galaxy® Security Threads
360° authentication, a unique image from any angle


When it comes to authentication, visibility and reliability are the most important characteristics of a strong security feature. Galaxy offers simple authentication coupled with highly specific production technology. The result: Motifs that appear and move at various depths on the foil. In addition, Galaxy provides a visually distinct space in which it is possible to view the dynamics of the thread from all tilting angles. The thread thus produces a truly three-dimensional image from any viewing perspective.

Galaxy® thread

Galaxy offers a distinct colour change, high-level dynamics and a striking 3D effect which is clearly evident at any tilting angle. Galaxy can be combined with many feature options, e.g. demetallised text and magnetic coding (MultiCode).

Galaxy® registered thread

Louisenthal also offers the option to embed Galaxy security threads in register the so called Galaxy registered thread. Galaxy registered thread with its colour, dynamic motif and 3D effects, in addition to its support of well-defined paper embedding, is the perfect tool for enriching and enhancing any banknote design.

Cross-referencing features

The unique motifs from Galaxy can be supplemented and extended to include various security features on the banknote. The brilliant colour changes and dynamics partner well with optically variable print features to provide rich and colourful harmony.


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