JetFix® Paper

Inkjet paper for the most demanding security requirements

JetFix is a special high-security paper, particularly suitable for personalization using inkjet printers because it lays the foundation for picture-perfect images. The ink permeates the paper without rubbing off or smudging so that color pigments can be embedded into the paper. Attempts to tamper with entries cause visible damage to the surface of the paper.

Fig.:Manipulation of JetFix Paper is clearly evident

All proven security features can be incorporated into JetFix.

  • Cylinder mould watermark
  • Security thread
  • Security fibers
  • Iridescent stripe
  • Chemical sensitization

JetFix can also be chosen for conventional printing processes and is very well suited to the clear production of printed security features. Like all security paper, JetFix is manufactured in accordance with strict security criteria. It is compatible with all mainstream coatings and is specially designed to form an excellent bond to coated foils.


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Typical applications

  • Inside pages of passports
  • ID cards
  • Visas