TonerFix™ Paper

High-security paper for counterfeit-proof laser prints

TonerFix high-security paper is particularly suitable for laser printing thanks to its enhanced toner retention properties. TonerFix is ideal for secure laser personalization and provides effective protection against counterfeiting and manipulation.

More and more sensitive documents are being personalized or finished using laser printers. TonerFix paper is ideal for any application where the convenience of laser printing needs to be combined with a high level of protection against tampering, counterfeiting and copying.


Fig.:Comparison of cellotape test between Standard and TonerFix Paper

All proven security features can be incorporated into TonerFix.

  • Watermark
  • Security thread
  • Security fibers
  • Iridescent stripe
  • Holographic stripe
  • Chemical sensitizing

Key Features of TonerFix

  • Enhanced retention of conventional laser toner
  • Use in single sheet and web printing systems (high-speed printers, desktop printers, copiers)
  • Excellent dimensional stability and optimized surface electrical properties
  • Runnability in standard printing presses (offset, letterset, flexographic) with conventional inks


Sales Louisenthal

Typical applications

  • Checks
  • Tickets
  • Vehicle titles
  • Vouchers
  • Special ID documents and permits
  • Transport documents