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Functionality and Technology

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ColourShift™ – Security with style

Instant authentication is the trump card

Banknotes are miniature works of art. The attractive design of the security features draws the observer’s attention to them, encouraging users to check the authenticity of the note in an intuitive way. The same applies to security threads, though of course these offer literally little room for design. Window threads must therefore be especially eye-catching in order to attract attention. Striking colors or color shifts and surprising effects are critical here since a distinctive appearance or optically variable shift helps the security feature stay in the memory. A successful security feature is therefore one that allows simple and rapid banknote authentication.

Keeping a lid on global counterfeiting

In developing ColourShift, Louisenthal has produced a security thread that combines  attractive design with distinctiveness, individuality and counterfeit protection. In recent years, demand for optically variable security threads has increased exponentially around the world and Louisenthal has since incorporated this security feature into the currencies of 20 countries and more than 40 denominations.

The following pages describe the features and technology of the security threads and the developments to be expected in the future.