Instant Authenticity Check

Astonishingly brilliant

The thread embedded in the banknote features high color brilliance and a pronounced color shift that appears when the note is tilted in different directions: an essential part of the authenticity check. Louisenthal offers a total of six different color shifts. This means that the security thread can be integrated perfectly into the design of the banknote, in accordance with its color scheme. Alternatively, a strong contrast between the color of the thread and the color of the banknote is also possible. Both concepts are ideal when an existing banknote series is to be upgraded since the notes retain their existing appearance but have an additional security component that makes them more difficult to counterfeit. The threads are individualized with transparentdemetallisation technology creating Cleartext, enabling for example the banknote value, the initials of the central bank or other characters such as the national coat of arms to be incorporated.

Threads with integrated color reference

ColourShift/ColourFix threads are a further development of the ColourShift thread concept. A unique feature of the thread is that its surface is divided into two parts: the ColourShift area shows a clear color shift when tilted but the adjacent ColourFix area does not change color. The viewer sees a comparison color, with the color shift making verification that much easier.