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The 200 Zloty is the first circulating banknote with RollingStar® in Europe.

The Central Bank of Poland issued the new 200 Zloty banknote in February 2016. It is currently the highest denomination in the series, which has been updated since 2014. In 2017 the 500 Zloty will follow as second banknote equipped with RollingStar.



Mr. Biernat why did you choose RollingStar security thread rather than other threads?

GB: Our first goal was to find a distinctive design with colour and dynamic effects that could be easily explained to the public, and well matched with the similar effects of a printed feature like SPARK®. Secondly, the thread should not be too thick, to avoid waving of paper. Thirdly, we looked for a thread with a reasonably high magnetic signal in order to guarantee machine readability during banknote processing.

Several designs of RollingStar are available. Why did you choose RollingStar Cube?

GB: The RollingStar Cube effect shows the best similarity with SPARK design. When you tilt the note, the dynamic and colour shifting effects on both features, thread and SPARK, are perfectly matched and simplify authentication by the user.

Why did you choose RollingStar in combination with Sicpa SPARK for your highest denomination? Do you believe the similarity in effect helps the public authenticate the note?

GB: It was our objective to make this denomination, which represents a substantial value, as secure as possible. The combination of two high level security features, which are produced in different production steps, is a perfect match of eye-catching effects. Yes, our goal was to achieve similarity as we believe it can be very helpful for public.

What was the reaction of the public when the design was presented in autumn 2015 for the first time?

GB: Reaction was positive. In addition to the watermark, which is still the most recognised security feature, the public liked the idea of two striking features which are synchronised in movement and colour shift.

With regard to security features, what were the key characteristics the National Bank was seeking for the 200 Zloty note?

GB: In order to ease authentication by the public, we were looking for dynamic, and at the same time, attractive, features.

Was there significant counterfeiting of any of the high denominations which led the Bank to raise banknote security level?

GB: No, there was not. As a Central Bank, however, we always have to be one step ahead of the counterfeiter and this was the reason why we decided to upgrade the security level.

The series has been issued only in the last two years. Are there any further banknote requirements you anticipate in the coming years?

GB: The last note in the series will be PLN 500. We plan to issue this denomination in 2017.



Sales Louisenthal

Mr. Grzegorz Biernat of the Cash & Issue Department of the National Bank of Poland

Please see the video to the press relaease of the NBP to the intended introduction of the new 500 Zloty banknote in February 2017.


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