An innovative multi-faceted sub structure and a more sophisticated way of aligning and shaping the micro-mirrors allows for an attractive optical design of the security thread. At the same time, the sub structure offers expanded potential for customisation and enhanced design integration possibilities. Of particular note is that each thread window can be assigned a specific motif, making it possible to optimally coordinate thread and banknote design.

Furthermore, the striking effects of changing colours and moving motifs with a doubling of speed of dynamics compared to the original RollingStar immediately attracts attention and raises security to a higher level, says Louisenthal. RollingStar i+ is available in a variety of design options including textures, colours and dynamic effects, with its brilliant motifs, movement and colour shift purity when the banknote is tilted supporting fast and reliable authentication, even in low light conditions.

It also incorporates proven level one and level two magnetic technologies, in particular MultiCode®, enabling a ‘seamless security concept’ and creating confidence in automated banknote processing.

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RollingStar® i+ Sicherheitsfaden
Mit RollingStar® i+ bringen wir die visuelle Wirkung und Designmöglichkeiten für Banknoten auf ein neues Level. Einfache und schnelle Authentifizierung, beste Sichtbarkeit selbst in schlechten Lichtverhältnissen und modernste Dynamik gehören zu den Highlights von RollingStar® i+.