Designing Sustainable Security

Concept Notes January 2024: In the competition between payment systems, the requirements for banknotes are constantly increasing. Security, sustainability and design are the core elements of a successful banknote – and are at the heart of Louisenthal’s development work.

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Delivering Banknote Security Through Technology

Currency News November 2023: Louisenthal's Solution Readers will recall in earlier editions that we addressed a number of significant highlights following G+D`s Currency Technology Symposium held in July. This is the final story, focusing on key elements of the day dedicated to Louisenthal, G+D’s substrate and feature subsidiary.

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G+D Goes Big on Sustainability at Symposium

Currency News July 2023: Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) held its Currency Technology Symposium 2023 in July in Munich. Normally a biennial event, this is the first to be held since 2019 due to COVID, and was attended by more than 300 customers from central banks, printworks and commercial cash handling industry.

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Best new Sustainability Program for Currency

Currency News May 2023: Green Banknote, a sustainable product solution for banknotes, reduces the ecological footprint of a banknote by using certified natural fibers, optimizing the use of recycled plastics, using mineral oil free inks and an efficient production process, thus making a real contribution to climate protection.</p>

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