JUMP™ – A giant leap forward for banknote security and beauty

Currency News June 2022: Several studies have revealed how overt security features are not only more efficient, but are easy to recognise and authenticate, when they are well integrated in the banknote design.

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The Green Banknote – Sustainability at every level

Currency News May 2022: Giesecke+ Devrient launched its Green Banknote Initiative earlier this year. The aim is to involve the currency community in working together to ensure that banknotes based on natural fibres are making cash a greener payment system by applying the principles of the circular economy, decreasing emissions in 
the complete cash cycle and driving resource efficiency across global value chains and operations.

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Malawi’s New 5,000 Kwacha – Advanced security for the warm heart of Africa

Currency News April 2022: In their mandate to help maintain economic stability and confidence in the currency, central banks must continually evaluate the cash cycle imperatives and pressures for business and community in their countries.

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Green Banknote Initiative

Currency News March 2022: According to Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), the sustainability revolution has accelerated to embrace an ever-growing range of environmental and social issues. With its ‘Green Banknote Initiative’, the company is taking this to the next level  by proving that the interplay of durability and security generates more than just sustainability, namely an efficient, future-proof cash-cycle, far beyond greenwashing.

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Kazakhstan’s New 20,000 Tenge – Memorable on So Many Counts

Currency News February 2022: The National Bank of Kazakhstan is renowned for its early adoption of hightech security and innovative design, and has established itself as a testing ground for new features, with these trialled on commemorative and house notes before being adopted on circulating notes. As a result, it has received a number of international awards and accolades over recent years for the innovation and bold expressions of the country’s aspirations in these notes.

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RollingStar® i+: A New Star is Born

Currency News June 2021: Louisenthal has added a new security thread to its portfolio based on its RollingStar® technology, which combines two security technologies – ColourShift for colour changes and micro-mirrors for dynamic effects arranged according to highly complex algorithms. For the new thread, RollingStar® i+, the two technologies have, through intensive research and in conjunction with magnetics for machineread, been elevated to a new level.

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Hybrid ADDvance® – Creating Long Lasting Confidence

Currency News April 2021: In last month’s Currency News™, Clemens Berger of Louisenthal wrote about the importance of embedded security features and how they are the benchmark for the overwhelming majority of banknotes. This month, he follows up with more information specifically on how their substrate family – Hybrid ADDvance® – is part of that story.

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