Banknote paper: Embedded prestige

Louisenthal’s renowned banknote paper meets the triple challenges of security, durability and aesthetic appeal. Protection against counterfeiting starts with security embedded in the paper – but as a calling card, a banknote also needs to be long-lasting and an ambassador for its country. Read more about the extensive expertise we offer in helping you protect your currency against forgery while opening up new opportunities for creative design.

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Security paper: Reliable authentication

Our long experience in secure papers doesn’t stop at banknotes. Passports, ID documents, cheques, share and bond certificates, vouchers, certificates of authenticity, excise stamps and admission tickets – those are just some of the areas we address with our range of high-tech paper. We also offer a range of security features, including watermarks, foils, threads and more, which help you to protect these important documents against manipulation.

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Security features: Attractive and easy to authenticate

Security elements for banknotes – that’s one of the areas where we really shine. Our range of visible and invisible features – from threads, stripes to patches and watermarks – is unparalleled. And our cutting-edge technologies give you the freedom to bring your sparkling design ideas to life: combine vibrant colour changes, 3D and dynamic effects with the highest protection against forgery. At the same time, these effects are easy to authenticate by the user at a first glance.

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Plant engineering: End-to-end processing

When it comes to the production of high-security papers and features, Louisenthal masters the entire value chain. Along with the substrate and security elements, we also design and build custom production systems for the manufacture of high-grade banknote and security paper as well as other products.

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