On 15 November 2023, marking the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's national currency, the National Bank of Kazakhstan issued a 10,000 Tenge commemorative banknote. Subsequently, they also unveiled the new "Saka Style" series of banknotes. The decision came for several reasons: the current series, "Kazakh Eli," had been in circulation since 2011, and its security features had become outdated over the past 12 years, necessitating a redesign and enhancement of security elements.

The 5,000 Tenge note kicked-off the series in December 2023, dedicated to the Saka culture, a group of nomadic people who historically inhabited the northern and eastern Eurasian steppes. The banknote design encapsulates the profound heritage of Kazakhstan's distant ancestors, their connection with nature, and the wildlife of the country's vast territory. The other five denominations will be issued in 2024 and 2025.

Motifs that aim to reflect Iconic aspects of Kazakhstan

The motifs chosen for the banknote  include a branch of the "Tree of Life" with a soaring bird, a DNA spiral, and an infinity symbol stylized as an ornament on the front side, while the reverse features an image of the Golden Eagle, a circular Kazakh ornament, as well as a landscape view of the Charyn Canyon, often referred to as "the little brother of the Grand Canyon." These motifs aim to reflect iconic aspects of Kazakhstan's nature, history, and culture, enhanced by incorporating modern security elements.

The process of selecting the security features and integrating them into the banknote design was not just meticulous but also involved collaboration with experts and partners in the field. "Through thorough research to identify the most advanced and effective security technologies available, features like Louisenthal's RollingStar® Patch were then seamlessly integrated into the banknote design, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and enhanced security measures," says Clemens Berger, chairman of Louisenthal’s management board.

The 5,000 tenge note, along with the other denominations in the series, showcases Kazakhstan's commitment to being at the forefront of banknote technology and design, perfectly matching Louisenthal's approach and expertise in combining high-tech security with eye-catching visual appeal: applied on the note, the RollingStar® Patch integrates the company’s ColourShift technology, altering its hue when the banknote is tilted; it can be any shape and is available in different colour-shifting combinations.

A compelling focal point, complementing the overall narrative

The RollingStar® Patch features an individual shape and a captivating ColourShift background with a colour flip effect from gold to jade upon tilting the banknote. The optical effects on the 5,000 Tenge note are vivid and dynamic, thanks to high-end secure micromirror technology. The Kazakhstan eagle emblem is depicted with a raised arched effect, while the background showcases intricate patterns with dynamic RollingBar effects. Adjacent to the eagle is a prominent ornament with a pulsating ring motif. Beneath the eagle, a flipping effect alternates between the symbol and the denomination value. The patch serves as a compelling focal point, complementing the narrative of the banknote.

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