Galaxy® Security Threads

Clear authentication, high dynamics and 3D effects – Louisenthal has rolled all these properties into an innovative security thread technology. Galaxy is based on tiny microscopic mirrors plus ColourShift, a technology which provides a brilliant visual experience and extreme protection against counterfeiting.

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RollingStar® i+ Security Thread

With RollingStar® i+ we have taken the visual impact and design possibilities for banknotes to a new level. Simple and fast authentication, outstanding visibility even in unfavourable lighting conditions and cutting-edge dynamics are among the highlights of RollingStar® i+.

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RollingStar® Security Threads

RollingStar’s striking colour shift and dynamic effects are a real eye-catcher and ideal for immediate level-one authentication. Use them to achieve distinctive effects, such as the striking “rolling cube” where a truly dynamic colour shift reflection travels over the surface.

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ColourShift Threads

ColourShift and ColourShift/ColourFix security threads deliver striking colours that change when the note is tilted. We offer a wide range of colour options so you can customise the thread to your banknote design.

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Our latest customer projects with security threads from Louisenthal

Milestones of Success

2023: Upgraded Galaxy®
Our Galaxy security thread also features the latest origination technologies for even clearer and faster dynamics, sharper and clearly recognisable 3D effects, attractive colour changes as well as 360° authentication. Galaxy security threads stand for fast and easy authentication even in poorer light conditions.

2021: Rolling Star i+®
Our latest security thread in the RollingStar® range offers completely new design potential, more dynamic effects, greater brilliance, a clearer colour range and other new, appealing effects. And, of course, even greater security. In other words: the plus stand for added value.

2016: Galaxy® Security Threads
Brilliant, distinctive and animated! Galaxy offers a distinct colour change, high-level dynamics and a striking 3D effect which is clearly evident at any tilting angle and offers simple authentication.

2011: RollingStar® Security Threads
The striking RollingStar security threads enhance the beauty of security. The combination of a defined movement sequence and striking colour shift when the banknote is tilted is a real eye-catcher and ideal for immediate level-one authentication. 

2007: ColourShift and ColourFix Security Threads
This technology makes it quick and easy for users to check the note’s authenticity. The colour nuances are altered on the ColourShift side but remain unchanged on the ColourFix area, which acts as a reference thread for the note. Choose from a wide range of colours to align with your banknote’s design.

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