Raw Materials

One of our most important resources is cotton – and our substrates are based on waste fibres from the textile industry that would otherwise end up in landfill.  

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Production, Energy, Water

Find out about the many ways we optimise our production in terms of resources – as well as how we reduced our water consumption by 40% in just 9 years and generate 24% of our own power needs.

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Transportation, Packaging, Logistics

Read how we’ve optimised our packaging machines and materials while implementing significant improvements to waste management and transportation.

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Disposal, Recycling

Learn about the initiates we’re supporting to promote longer banknote lifespans and less frequent reprinting, as well as our responsible approach to energy re-use, disposal and recycling

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Further Reading

Sustainability Newspaper
How sustainable can a banknote be? We took a hard look at our entire value chain: What is going well? Where could we do even better?



The Life of a Banknote
Louisenthal is running the Life of a Banknote program to promote tangible action for green banknotes, including the use of green energy, fair-trade cotton, reusable packaging and recycling. Did you know we produce 25% of our own electricity and have reduced water consumption by 40% in 9 years?