varifeye® ColourChange (Stripe)

The innovative varifeye foil is the most prominent basis for security features on a banknote. This key function is primarily supported by an ingeniously designed translucent window and a brilliant main motif with highly impressive colour change effects.

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varifeye® ColourChange Patch

Louisenthal’s state-of-the-art patch technology saves space on the banknote while enabling unique designs and instant recognizability. Our patches can be applied with different application systems.

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Our latest customer projects with foil elements from Louisenthal

Milestones of Success

2018: Secure window varifeye® ColourChange Patch
We released our varifeye ColourChange technology as a patch for use in all types of application types and substrates. This was the world’s first window patch product for banknotes, proving Louisenthal’s pioneering credentials once again.  

2017: varifeye® ColourChange secure window
In 2017 Louisenthal innovated again with a new version of varifeye. The window, combined with the foil, provides front to back verification as there are different motifs on each side of the note and the colour changes from gold to blue. Louisenthal proves once again that it’s a trailblazer!

2005: varifeye® secure window
In 2005, Louisenthal brought a completely new product to market with the launch of varifeye, a transparent window embedded in the paper that’s ultra-secure, fascinating and easy to authenticate.

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