Iridescent Printed Features for designs that appear or disappear in the light
Iridescent printed features use a brilliant ink that changes colour when the banknote is tilted to make designs appear or disappear in the light. The iridescent effect is visible or invisible depending on the angle at which the light hits the banknote. Iridescent features are versatile and enable more in-depth visual verification of banknote authenticity without the need for special devices. The iridescent effect is the result of tiny shimmering pads combined with a transparent ink varnish. When this ink varnish is applied to a substrate, the formation adopted by the pads generates the visible iridescent effect.

Iridescent features can be printed in perfect register to the banknote, both horizontally and vertically, for optimum integration into any banknote design. Available in a wide range of colours, iridescent features can be registered as a patch, as a continuous stripe, or as a combination, on the note.

Adding UV pigments to the iridescent ink produces a different appearance in daylight or in UV light to create a further barrier against counterfeiting.


UV Fluorescent Printed Features embedded into the substrate
Whether you want a standalone UV feature on your substrate or an attractive – and highly secure – combination of UV fluorescence with a foil stripe, you can rest assured that Louisenthal has the technology to meet your requirements. For example, we offer two-colour UV elements whose positions can be coordinated and registered precisely on the note.


Security and Design
UV fluorescence is still a frequently-used means of verification by cashiers and other professionals. With Louisenthal’s one- or two-colour UV solutions, you can apply attractive designs while enabling discreet authentication at the POS.

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