Banknote Paper

Louisenthal offers a range of substrates for different currency requirements, security levels, circulation conditions and denominations. And if you’re planning a completely new banknote series, we can advise you on a mix of different substrate types and features across the series.

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Security Paper

Passports, certificates and valuable tickets must be counterfeit- and manipulation-proof, durable and suitable for a wide range of creative design options. Louisenthal ticks all these boxes with its security paper that includes cylinder mould watermarks and state of the art security features.

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Man holding cotton in his hands


Repurposing banknotes offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to managing currency waste. Whether through thermal recovery, composting, or transforming banknotes into new valuable raw materials, the significance of repurposing lies in its ability to minimize waste, reduce environmental impact, and take a step further to a circular economy.

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Milestones of Success

2019: Hybrid™ ADDvance banknote substrate
It’s all in the name: the newest and most innovative member of Louisenthal’s substrate portfolio. Looks impressive, integrates security features across all denominations, and resists tropical climates.   

2008: Hybrid™ banknote substrate
Tried and tested, Hybrid is widely used around the world as it combines two key features: the familiar feel of cotton, and resistance to rough handling. Ideal for lower-denomination notes!

2002: Introduction of the euro
Louisenthal was one of the largest suppliers to the European Central Bank for the introduction of the Euro.

2001: LongLife™ banknote substrate
LongLife’s microscopic coating effectively protects the surface of the cotton banknote paper against moisture and soiling for greater durability.

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