Attractive salary
We are of the opinion that excellent work must be paid well. That’s why we reward the efforts of our employees generously – not only with an enticing salary, but also with a company pension plan. Over and above this, our bonus system – along with other extras that supplement the base salary – offer further incentives for people who show exceptional commitment. Performance pays at Louisenthal.

Work-life balance
Do you focus on your private life or your career? At Louisenthal, you can do both. We offer our employees totally personalized worktime models. Variable core working hours, working hours accounts, part-time employment, mobile working, and trust-based working hours enable you to combine your working and private life as flexibly as possible. When drawing up our shift models, we make sure to include long blocks of leisure time to counteract the particular stress of shift work. And to be honest, what could be better on a fine winter’s day than enjoying fresh powdery snow and empty ski slopes before starting work at 2pm?

Child care
If you have kids, we have child care facilities at both sites where you benefit from professional child care in a friendly and creative environment. They’re right next to our factory and available to you at very favorable conditions. That way, you don’t have to find a place for your child in a child care facility further away or have the inconvenience of driving them there every day before you come to work.

Company canteens
Good food makes you happy – at work too! Our company canteens at both sites serve up everything your heart desires. Whether it be classic canteen meals or modern healthy dishes, there is something for everyone.

Company health management
We do a lot to make sure our people stay healthy. You can benefit from a subsidy for your gym membership, our Bike to Work initiative, mobile on-the-spot massages, our annual “health days” and much more. Our company sports groups are particularly popular. This is where sporty Louisenthal employees meet for various activities such as ice hockey, mountaineering, mountain biking, or fishing.

Further Reading

Who we are looking for
When you work for Louisenthal, you work where others spend their vacation. Both our sites are located in natural beauty spots surrounded by mountains and lakes. The interiors of our factories are quite different however: as a global market specialist for banknote papers and security features.



What we offer
Finding the right employees is not easy. Neither is keeping them. We therefore strive to be an attractive employer in all respects. The basis for this are of course exciting tasks coupled with a variety of development possibilities – for all professional areas and steps on the career ladder.