Professionals with experience in production

My colleagues are more than just colleagues – they’re friends too.

You spend a lot of time at work – so it’s a good idea to enjoy what you do. That’s easy at Louisenthal, because there’s a great atmosphere is good and you’re surrounded by people you really get on with. Who can even become friends. Because you have the feeling you are doing something meaningful together. And you’ll get recognition – not only in monetary form but also true appreciation. Plus: you’ll enjoy job security and stability with no fears about the future. At Louisenthal, we place great value on all these aspects. Sound good to you? Then take a look at our job openings to see if there is something of interest for you.

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Professionals with experience in administration

As a team, we can achieve great things.

At Louisenthal, we offer the best prospects for ambitious candidates. As the global market leader in high-tech paper products and security features, we offer our employees diverse, demanding tasks and long-term development possibilities. Dynamic, flexible structures enable you to take responsibility for your own work and combine it well with your private life. In return, we value your personal commitment and initiative. Is this what you can offer? Then join us in administration, sales, research & development, or elsewhere in the company.

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My ideas are welcomed – that helps me progress.

Have you recently completed your studies and are ready to venture out into the world of work? Then Louisenthal is the right place for you – here you can really venture out: away from inflexible structures. Away from having to take exams. Away from student life. Instead, into a landscape perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. Into a dynamic, modern work environment where ambition is honored. Into a great team that is heterogeneous and open to commitment and innovative ideas. Does that sound exciting? Then come and join the global market leader for high-tech paper products and security features and kickstart your career.

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I work with real specialists here – and learn from them.

Only you know which job interests you most. But we can tell you what jobs we offer. Paper technologist, for example. Chemical laboratory assistant. Media technologist in print processing. Or protection and security officer. Never heard of these jobs before? That’s because they are not very common. And because we’re highly specialized – we develop high-tech paper products and there are not many of us around. Just imagine: with us, you can earn money with money while learning a really unusual profession! On top of that, you will join a great team who make working and learning lots of fun. We greatly value your commitment as trainee. And do everything we can to make you a true professional and happy in your work. You stand a good chance of being offered a job with us after you have completed your training. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Check out our trainee page for more information on the training options available in our company.

Our apprenticeship professions

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Julia – the first in a new position

Julia Saller, Security

I started my training here in 2013. It was a little out of the ordinary: I had the honor of being the first person in the company to train as a protection and security officer. When I had finished my training, a position in administration became vacant. I have been working there for almost four years now. I am responsible for everything related to safety and security, which is obviously very important in this company. I run courses for employees, for example, and check internal processes. I am often on call too: if for example a door is unlocked somewhere and somebody has to stay there until it can be relocked, that person is me. In my job I have dealings with colleagues from all departments. I enjoy that as we are a great team.

Martin – from trainee to foreman

Martin Zehetmair, Production (Plant Paper)

In 2003, I started my training as papermaker, as it was known back then. On finishing my training, I was offered a permanent job and I have been working in production ever since. In 2016/17, I completed a course at the college for master craftspeople and since September 2018 I have been a fully-fledged foreman of the C-shift in paper production. My daily tasks include, for example, product inspection and quality control, checking and compiling orders, staff supervision, communication with other departments, continual improvement through project management and project work. My work is fun, but of course I also enjoy my leisure time. I love cycling, snowboarding, and activities in the mountains. Our surroundings provide the perfect settings for all this.

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