A bright future for SmartMesh®

This is another reason why Louisenthal’s SmartMesh® has a bright future: it offers the best of both worlds with high conductivity and high transparency. And that opens up almost limitless new opportunities for innovation. SmartMesh® foils equipped with LEDs can be used in applications where transparency is key: for example, they can be laminated onto glass for shop windows or refrigerated display cases in supermarkets. Large surface areas like these require oversized foil dimensions as well as large-scale production capabilities. And that’s where Louisenthal ticks all the boxes – again.

Here are just a few of the benefits of SmartMesh® for LED applications:

  • Optical transmittance of > 90%
  • Sheet resistance of << 10 Ω/□ to enable high LED density and brightness
  • No moiré pattern obscuring the view due to the arbitrary self-organised structure
  • Can be laminated onto a sheet of glass or between 2 sheets
  • You have a choice of foils, including PET and PC
  • Range of foil widths up to 1,000mm


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