SRD 500 and 200 banknotes

The introduction of the 200 and 500 Surinamese dollar (SRD) denominations marks a significant milestone for the country, representing the first new high-value notes since the Suriname dollar was introduced in 2004. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, both banknotes seamlessly blend national symbols, such as the CBvS headquarters, with imagery celebrating Suriname's thriving industries, including the vibrant fishing sector and the importance of rice cultivation. 

Integral to the success of this new banknote series was the expertise and collaboration of Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) and its subsidiary Louisenthal. Leveraging their extensive experience in advanced security features and sustainable substrate technologies, both companies worked closely with the CBvS to create a product that would not only deter counterfeiting but also reflect Suriname's commitment to environmental stewardship.

The SRD 200 banknote, for instance, incorporates a range of cutting-edge security elements, including the RollingStar® i+ Cube, a dynamic movement effect with a color change from gold to green, and the RollingStar LEAD pure foil stripe, which also features a color change from gold to green, a flip effect of the 200 denomination to a star, and a sandbox tree seed motif. Additionally, the note boasts a transparent laser cut-window with a precise image of the sandbox tree seed, as well as see-through register, latent image, and UV features.

SRD 200 banknote with RollingStar® i+ Cube

RollingStar® i+ Cube

SRD200 banknote with RollingStar® LEAD

RollingStar® LEAD

A robust defense against fraud and counterfeiting

Similarly, the SRD 500 banknote showcases the varifeye® ColorChange Patch, which includes a flipping effect from 500 to a star and a color change, as well as the RollingStar i+ Cube with a color shift from magenta to green. "These intricate security features, seamlessly integrated into the design, provide a robust defense against fraud and counterfeiting, ensuring the integrity of Suriname's currency," says Clemens Berger, Louisenthal's Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors.

The innovations of Louisenthal and G+D extend beyond just the security elements. CBvS had already experienced the durability of Louisenthal's Hybrid substrate by adopting Hybrid ADDvance® for the SRD 5 and SRD 10 notes. Both new denominations are also based on the sustainable composite substrate technology, having a core with 50% cotton from certified sources of organic cultivation and 50% European grown fibers from FSC® (FSC-C138716) certified wood pulp from responsible forestry, leading to reduced carbon emissions by 63% compared to conventionally grown cotton fibers. With the carrier foil for the security thread, Patch, and foil stripe based on recycled foil material and the use of mineral oil-free inks, this aligns perfectly with Suriname's commitment to environmental stewardship. 

To further enhance public engagement and awareness, the CBvS developed an interactive smartphone application called "Mijn SRD (My SRD)" for iOS and Android. This innovative tool allows users to familiarize themselves with the new security features, ensuring that the Surinamese public can confidently identify and authenticate the genuine banknotes.

view from a river with organge sky during sunrise

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