Small Mirrors – Big Impact

Created by unique and highly complex algorithms, our micromirror technology secures your banknotes by placing over 4 million tiny mirrors per square centimetre directly on the substrate. The colourful and sparkling effect is incredibly beautiful – and incredibly hard to forge.

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Smart Windows

It’s a real eye-catcher for your banknotes. A small, transparent window that offers you design flexibility with a choice of additional security effects. The best thing about our smart windows? They help you tell a compelling story about your country while ensuring top-notch protection against counterfeiting.

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Banknote Durability

When you’re looking to maximise the life of your banknotes – to reduce the cost, frequency and environmental impact of reprinting – the substrate you use is crucial – specially in tropical countries.  

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The Life of a Banknote

Louisenthal is running the “Life of a Banknote” program to promote tangible action for green banknotes, including the use of green energy, fair-trade cotton, reusable packaging and recycling. 

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