Our three-dimensional, highlight and pixel watermarks can be used singly or combined – and we’re always working on new, advanced technologies that allow for a creative design. That results in higher protection and faster verification for everyone.

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Security Threads

Our threads help the public to check their note is authentic. And security is not the only benefit: the gleaming threads are both attractive and eye-catching. They can also be equipped with functional properties to enable machine processing.

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Foil Elements

Easy to recognize and available in different dynamic colours and effects, Louisenthal foils enable you to position striking designs across the banknote. They are based on exclusive and counterfeit-resilient origination technologies that bring your customer-specific designs to life.

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Secure Windows

Louisenthal’s unique varifeye® windows are innovative security elements with surprising optically variable effects in reflection and transmission. They can be incorporated into a patch or a foil stripe and offer secure window effects as well as additional front-to-back verification.

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Embedded Covert Security

Louisenthal’s innovative, covert security features can be integrated in security threads to boost a banknote’s functionality at different authentication levels.

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Printed Security Features

Iridescent and colour-changing inks create alluring security effects, making them ideal for rapid authentication and very difficult to forge. Depending on the viewing angle, the printed elements are either visible, invisible or change colour when the note is tilted. 

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Unmatched counterfeit protection

To stay ahead of counterfeiters, we provide diverse and unmatched security features and cutting-edge technology. With our holistic feature strategy, we offer our customers the opportunity to provide their banknotes with a customised combination of optical and machine-readable security features.

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