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Visualizing your country’s cultural identity

Your banknotes are a visiting card for your country – they express its image and values, while highlighting key natural features or prominent citizens. That’s why it’s so important to work with a multi-disciplinary team that understands your project from start to finish, delivering a coherent, secure and beautiful product that you, your country and its people can really be proud of. 

Louisenthal guides you in your choice of security features – whether you’re looking to produce a single commemorative note or a whole new series. We offer you maximum design flexibility across all your security features and how they are incorporated into the banknote layout.

    Security features – part of your script

    Our designers work with you to develop tailor-made solutions that meet all your requirements. Based on their deep knowledge of all the aspects of the entire cash cycle, our specialists have the perceptiveness you need to visualise how all the security features will work together.

    The result? A complete set of security features for your banknote paper, along with stunning designs.

    Explore our security features

    Our 360° view shows how you can combine design and security to tell your story effectively. 

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