My choice: Louisenthal. Because I can broaden my horizons here.

“Do exactly the same job for twenty years? I can think of nothing worse! At Louisenthal in Königstein I have the chance to take further training in my field, to develop professionally and personally, and move up the career ladder step by step. It’s a great feeling to see what you have already achieved – and think about where you could go next.”

My choice: Louisenthal. Because we are team players after work too.

“In our daily work we all have a professional relationship – but we let our hair down after work. It doesn’t matter what our position in the company is or what department we’re in. Our company ice hockey group trains once a week. A great way of burning off energy. At Louisenthal, teamwork doesn’t end with the shift. This is important to me. And it’s one reason why I feel at home here.”

My choice: Louisenthal. Because I have really good perspectives here.

“At Louisenthal, I stand a really good chance of being offered a permanent position after my apprenticeship and getting on to the career ladder. Of course, I don’t know what the situation will be in ten years and whether I will want to move away. At the moment, I want to stay here where my family and friends are. I think it’s great what Louisenthal can offer.”

My choice: Louisenthal. Because I can practice my hobby directly from my place of work.

“I am an active person and like to be in the great outdoors. There is no question of me having a job in a town center and having to battle through rush hour traffic to get out of town and into the countryside. At Louisenthal, I have nature right outside the door. Leave work, jump on my bike or board – and away I go! That’s what convinced me.”

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Who we are looking for
When you work for Louisenthal, you work where others spend their vacation. Both our sites are located in natural beauty spots surrounded by mountains and lakes. The interiors of our factories are quite different however: as a global market specialist for banknote papers and security features.



What we offer
Finding the right employees is not easy. Neither is keeping them. We therefore strive to be an attractive employer in all respects. The basis for this are of course exciting tasks coupled with a variety of development possibilities – for all professional areas and steps on the career ladder.