IACA Awards

2023 Best New Environmental Sustainability Program for Currency

2022 Best New Banknote or Series: Central Bank of Azerbaijan; 50 manat banknote

2022 Best New Commemorative Banknote: Bank of Guatemala; 20 quetzales commemorative banknote

2022 Best New Currency Innovation: Central Bank of Honduras; 200 lempira registered Galaxy® security thread

2020 Best New Environmental Sustainability Project: “The Life of a Banknote – How a value chain becomes sustainable”

2017 Best House Note award: “Water” sample note with RollingStar® LEAD and RollingStar® Registered thread

2015 Best new commemorative note or limited edition note: Royal Bank of Scotland – Ryder Cup banknote prize won together with G+D

2014 Best new banknote feature: RollingStar®

2010 Best new banknote feature: varifeye® Magic

2008 IACA Currency Award: POLE®

HSP Awards

2022 Best New Banknote: Malawi, 5,000 kwacha with LEAD foil and Galaxy® security thread

2022 Best New Banknote Series: Oman, 50, 20, 10 and 5 rials with the varifeye® ColourChange Patch and the RollingStar® security thread

2022 Best New Commemorative Banknotes: Honduras, 200 lempra with the registered Galaxy® security thread

2020 Best New Series; EMEA: Armenia, banknote series

2019 Regional Banknote of the Year, EMEA: Bulgaria, 100 lev banknote

2018 Best New Banknote: Thailand, 1,000 baht note with a Galaxy® security thread

2018 Regional Banknote of the Year, EMEA: Armenia, 500 dram note (G+D prize)

2018 Best New Series: Hong Kong, banknote series

2015 Industry Prize, Jakarta: Thailand, 1,000 baht note with RollingStar® Cube security thread

IHMA Award

2020 „Best Applied Security Product“ Micromirror LEAD

SMG Award

2014 SMG Standort Marketinggesellschaft Landkreis Miesbach: Regional marketing prize for local businesses in the Miesbach region (Germany)

Great Place to Work® Institute Germany

2010 G+D and PL receive the award for Best Employer in Germany

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