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Imagine working where others spend their vacation. Both the Louisenthal sites are located in natural beauty spots surrounded by mountains and lakes. Contrast that with the interiors of our high-tech factories, which meet the highest technology and security standards. And no wonder: we’re a global market specialist for banknote papers and security features. Our work at each step of production is diverse, complex, valuable, and meaningful: the banknotes we develop are the foundation of every national economy.

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Wouldn’t it be great if every question in life had a simple answer? For instance, what are good banknotes made of, cotton or polymers? Or is a mix of the two even better? If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from our search for a sustainable banknote, it’s that the answers are rarely a straight yes or no. They almost always come with an if or a but attached.

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Case Studies

From its substrates to its cutting-edge security features and design expertise, Louisenthal’s mastery of the entire cash cycle is recognised around the globe. And in this section, you can check out a few of our customer references and get a feeling for the seamless integration of our security features in the overall banknote design. Our customers, who include central banks and government ministries from over 100 countries, rely on our products and technologies to modernise their banknotes, toughen security, and ensure long-term compliance with their clean note policies.

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