Unique effects and vivid colours that change when the note is tilted

A wealth of optically variable and dynamic effects packaged in a stunning thread running through your banknotes: that’s what you can expect with RollingStar. This feature, used on billions of banknotes around the world, combines two key security technologies: ColourShift and micromirrors, whose origination is defined by highly complex algorithms. The result ensures an eyecatching effect that allows instant authentication by the public. They’ll also enjoy the fascinating interplay of dynamic and multicoloured effects.

Your benefits

  • Brings your banknotes to life with dynamics and colours
  • Very broad design freedom enabled by colours and dynamics
  • Quick and easy authentication for the public
  • Use of latest and exclusive technologies for high end security
  • Proven machine-readable features 

RollingStar has a proven security concept based on three pillars:

Secure technology – the combination of ColourShift technology and millions of micromirrors per square centimetre, makes forgery extremely difficult.

Secure effects – the stunning and unique effects prompt users to look at and “play” with them. This creates familiarity and makes it easier to detect a forgery.

Secure design – this ensures that the security features are attractively eye-catching while remaining completely unique for higher security.

Secure by design

RollingStar offers real flexibility in your banknote design and security with additional options and a choice of effects:

RollingStar Registered: enhancement of design and security

Register the thread in a precise position on the paper and lock your story into the banknote. To register the thread involves assigning a defined motif to each window, enabling you to coordinate the thread with the banknote design.

That ensures a harmonious whole, a banknote that conveys the story you want to tell, and the highest level of security. RollingStar Registered is also acclaimed by the industry: it won the prestigious International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) Best House Note Award in 2017.

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