Central banks need to ensure simple, fast and reliable authentication of their banknotes by the general public. Dynamic effects, impressive colours and good visibility are essential for this. The unique design, outstanding effect and substrate integration of a security feature such as a security thread are perceived as drivers of optimal security.

This is where our new generation of advanced security thread technology really makes a difference: RollingStar® i+ threads make a stunningly brilliant impact – and more. More dynamics, more colour and a more defined ColourShiftTM formulation. The result of intensive refinement of micromirrors with even more sophistication and further optimised angular orientation means a plus in impact.

RollingStar® i+ is, in the truest sense of the word, a shiny example for cutting-edge security in banknote technology.

Banknotes are a country’s business card, and all the features in the banknote design must work together harmoniously to create a coherent integrated image. A security feature must therefore provide sufficient opportunities to play a central role in the design –individualisation for country-specific motifs is crucial here.

And as if all this were not enough, banknotes and their security features must not only be as innovative as possible, but also as tried-and-tested and reliable as possible – throughout the entire cash cycle.

After intensive research and development, we have succeeded in reaching a new level in micromirror technology for security threads to meet all these demands on a state-of-the-art banknote – with RollingStar® i+. RollingStar® i+. comes together with an innovative multi-facet substructure that adds an appealing and realistic look to the thread design. The proven combination of dynamics, colour shift and magnetic technology takes a significant leap forward with RollingStar® i+. The striking effects of shifting colours and moving motifs immediately attract the user of the banknote and raise its security to a higher level.

The multi-facet substructure with an even more sophisticated way of aligning and shaping the micromirrors and our proven colour shift thin-film technology present a major obstacle for counterfeiters. By embedding the security thread in the banknote substrate, security reaches an unmatched level – the combination of security and design on a banknote at this standard is therefore only possible with cotton-based banknotes.

Design eye-catching confidence

In addition to security, design is a key element of a banknote. The more opportunities the central bank has to link the future vision or history or culture of its country with its means of payment, the better. After all, an attractively designed banknote increases its acceptance by the community. T

This is where RollingStar® i+ shows particular strengths. The design and individualisation options have been further expanded with new, modern motifs and patterns – so the security thread is optimally integrated into the overall design, which is particularly secure. Two optically variable effects – dynamics and colour shift – on the same surface multiply the security, make checking for authenticity a pleasure and are a future-proof choice for long- running series as well. You can hardly tell the story of your country better with a banknote.

And you can hardly find a security thread that’s better for designing eye-catching confidence with unmatched security from within.

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RollingStar® i+
With RollingStar® i+ we have taken the visual impact and design possibilities for banknotes to a new level. Simple and fast authentication, outstanding visibility even in unfavourable lighting conditions and cutting-edge dynamics are among the highlights of RollingStar® i+.


ColourShift Threads
ColourShift and ColourShift/ColourFix security threads deliver striking colours that change when the note is tilted. We offer a wide range of colour options so you can customise the thread to your banknote design.