Opt for glistening holograms, dynamic effects – or both!

Secure and attractive LEAD foils from Louisenthal

Our micromirror foil technology offers top quality with its shining metallic surface. This LEAD (Long-lasting Economical Anticopy Device) foil variant offers dynamic effects and a holographic colour spectrum. The foils are very cost-effective and increase visual appeal by showcasing gleaming 3D and movement effects. Feel free to combine our micromirror and hologram foil technologies to build the highest anti-copy protection into your banknote design in a really effective way.

Your benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly secure with a combination of micromirror and hologram technologies
  • Long-lasting, even in difficult circulation conditions
  • De-metallisation available to create transparent (registered) areas on the foil
  • Covert security options for elements only visible under UV light
  • Also available with Hybrid ADDvance and all our other banknote substrates
Unique innovation

Unlike commercially available foils, our LEAD micromirror and hologram foils stand out because they offer you such a wide range of design options – and that’s due to their smart combination of micromirror and hologram effects. You can choose a bi-metallic effect, such as such as gold tones complementing aluminium elements. We can also de-metallise areas of the foil with ultra-fine precision. This – together with various optical levels and dynamic effects – give you unparalleled freedom of design. Talk to our design team – they’re experts and can advise you on the foil type and design that’s exactly right for your requirements.

Explore our Foil Elements

Our 360° view shows our top quality micromirror foil technology with its shining metallic surface. It offers a stunning display of shifting patterns, making verification easy. The foils combine cutting-edge micromirror and hologram technologies.