Showtime for a new design

Both fascinating and forgery-proof

JUMP opens a new chapter in banknote design. It combines a number of eye-catching security features and thus enables unique storytelling. The banknote is brought to life particularly by the interplay of SPARK® technology and the RollingStar® LEAD foil when tilted.

Use JUMP to tell the story of recognized and significant historical or cultural events in a new and, to date, unprecedented way – from its origin and its uniqueness to significant historical events.

The benefits

  • Innovative and lively visualization for exciting storytelling
  • Holistic design concept
  • More security through easy public recognition unique recognizability in circulation
  • Counterfeit protection through advanced modern technologies
  • Can be combined with every type of banknote substrate, including Hybrid ADDvance®, and with all security features including the M-Feature

Innovative and successful

The JUMP effect is achieved by the intelligent combination of several integrated and advanced suitable security features. A leading role is played by the RollingStar® LEAD foil from Louisenthal. It is based on a combination of innovative micro-mirror, hologram and color-shift technology and is not only a real optical highlight but provides uncompromising security.  The RollingStar® LEAD foil offers a wide variety of different dynamic colour shifts, which in conjunction with relief and 3D effects, are still clearly visible even when the lighting is poor and give the JUMP effect its special dynamism. Images are more dynamic plastic, movements more fluid, and colours more intense, all of which ensures a high intuitive recognition value and thus maximum optimal banknote security at first pass

Drumroll, please, for the new banknote design!

See how JUMP™ brings stories to life with our sample banknote, “the dancer”:

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