Our animated effects are a real eye-opener!

Create a huge barrier for counterfeiters

Ever wondered if it’s possible to embed an animation into a banknote? You’ll come very close with Louisenthal’s RollingStar LEAD foils. Our combination of cutting-edge micromirror, hologram and colour shift technologies ensure your notes are safe from forgers and instantly recognisable for the public. Put some life into your notes’ security: imagine a portrait of a prominent citizen with moving facial features, celebratory fireworks or a moving animal.

Your benefits

  • Checking a note is fast and simple, even in low light
  • Combination of the latest security features is virtually impossible to forge
  • Cutting-edge technologies produce a vivid, dynamic effect
  • Optional additional security with an under-foil UV primer
  • Robust foil retains its beauty throughout the note’s lifecycle – even in harsh conditions
  • Can also be used with Hybrid ADDvance and all our other banknote substrates
Proven – and successful

Louisenthal’s exceptional RollingStar technology is constantly being refined – and is a proven success around the globe. Billions of banknotes include these foils, ensuring uncompromising security as well as a striking display of colours and movement. RollingStar is based on Louisenthal’s precision engineering that combines random structures to bend light waves, superimposes images, and deposits a unique, predefined arrangement of micromirrors on the foil. Its design and manufacture is highly complex; for the user it’s easy to recognize – and that’s what makes it so secure!

Secure technology – the features mentioned above can only be applied to a foil using extensive and sophisticated manufacturing processes – so they’re hard to copy

Secure effects – RollingStar’s brightly-coloured and eye-catching effects encourage the user to look at the feature, “play” with it and verify the note’s authenticity

Secure design –the feature design can be harmoniously integrated into the overall banknote design

Choose from dynamic effects and shifting colours visible in nearly all lighting conditions:

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