Small but spectacular: a sparkling colour shifting patch for extra security

Our new RollingStar Patch combines two of our leading security technologies: ColourShift and micromirrors. The result? Cost-effective and attractive security, plus quick and easy verification for users. This is generated by various attractive and bright effects, shifting from one colour to the next at different viewing angles. While the varifeye® ColourChange Patch has a lasered window with a foil element that is visible through the note from front to back, our RollingStar Patch is only visible on one side.

Your Benefits

  • Combines our patch, RollingStar and ColourShift technologies
  • Availability of multiple shapes, designs and colours
  • Cost-effective with uncompromising security
  • Fast recognition and authentication for the public
  • Best visibility at all light levels
  • Resilient against wear and tear throughout the banknote’s lifecycle
Shifting hues for instant recognisability

At Louisenthal, we’re experts in combining high-tech security with magnificent visual appeal, giving you unforgettable and secure banknotes in any denomination. And our new RollingStar Patch is no exception. Applied on the note, it integrates our ColourShift technology that alters its hue when the banknote is tilted. The patch can be any shape and is available in different colour-shifting combinations you choose, giving you complete design freedom!

Recurring designs and micromirrors to stop forgers in their tracks
Then we added elements of our RollingStar technology. Based on millions of micromirrors, this colourful foil is highly reflective and lets you integrate a range of 3D-like images and dynamic effects that appear and disappear as the note is moved. With RollingStar Patch, you can incorporate a design that recurs elsewhere on the note. For example, you could have a portrait of a prominent citizen of your country or an image of an animal embedded in the patch that’s repeated in a watermark or other element on the banknote. These recurring elements are useful for verification, but also make the note extremely hard for a counterfeiter to copy. That’s because the image is shown using a range of different technologies. The new RollingStar Patch focuses on the striking display of dynamic colours and movement, while our product RollingStar LEAD is available if you’d like to integrate holograms and aluminium areas too.

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