A dazzling solution for banknote authentication

Louisenthal’s acclaimed ColourShift threads: in use on banknotes around the globe

ColourShift threads provide gleaming colours combined with an effective deterrent to counterfeiters. Tilting the banknote displays an attractive change of colour along with demetallised areas for clear text. We provide fully transparent clear text for optimum see-through authentication. ColourShift threads are ultra-flexible too, as you can select from a range of colour changes for low or high denominations – or integrate ColourShift threads into your existing banknote designs to upgrade their security levels.

Your benefits

  • Wide range of brilliant colours for perfect design integration
  • Quick and easy authentication for the public
  • Fully transparent clear text for optimum see-through authentication
  • Proven machine-readable and public features in one thread
Colour contrast for fast authentication

ColourShift/ColourFix threads take the concept of the ColourShift thread even further. While the ColourShift surface clearly changes color when tilted, neighboring ColourFix areas remain fixed with the same color. On viewing a banknote, the user can easily distinguish the unchanged reference color and the color-shifting area, which typically includes the reference color in its design.

Unlike standard ColourShift threads, the two areas of the ColourShift/ColourFix thread make it possible to use customer-specific designs. The dual-area concept supports highly attractive designs and eases the authentication of the security feature.

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