Sparkling 3D dynamics

Changing colours and vivid effects

Dynamic reflections combined with changing colours deliver a stunning security thread that’s extremely difficult to forge. That’s because Galaxy comprises millions of micromirrors per square centimetre. Plus: the effects created by the micromirrors are unique and calculated by advanced algorithms. No counterfeiter can keep pace with that. And you can even combine this high-tech security feature with additional protection, such as clear text and machine-readable magnetic code (MultiCode™).

Your benefits

  • Animated 3D images allow for 360° authentication
  • Gleaming and attractive
  • Easy to verify, even in low light
  • Use of latest and exclusive technologies for high-end security
  • Huge design freedom enabled by colours and dynamics
  • Proven machine-readable features


Galaxy has a unique security concept based on three pillars:

Secure technology – a highly complex origination process for the millions of micromirrors, using customised machines unavailable to anyone outside the security business.

Secure effects – the feature must have a stunning and unique effect, like Galaxy’s floating elements, to encourage the user to look at it and “play” with it – such as by tilting the note back and forth to make the elements appear and disappear.

Secure design – this ensures that Galaxy features are completely unlike any others and can’t be mistaken for common security elements; it also ensures harmony between the feature and the overall banknote design.

Enhance your banknote design by cross-referencing your Galaxy thread and make it even more attractive by echoing other features on your banknote. To maximise security and ensure a harmonious look and feel, our designers can advise you or work with your banknote design team – whichever is best for you.

Choose from three Galaxy variants that all have a high impact and offer a variety of stunning effects:

Galaxy Flip – the image in the thread moves and/or changes when the note is tilted back and forth or from side to side. The images can tell your story – such as depictions of famous citizens – or reflect the note’s main denomination and motif.

Galaxy Saturn – the graphical shapes shift against each other when the user tilts the note, giving a three-dimensional layered effect.

Galaxy Custom – as the name suggests, the motif is up to you! And feel free to call on our design team to pinpoint which images are placed on the thread, e.g. the outline map of your country.

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