See banknotes in a new light

With unmatched security from within

Technology leadership has rarely looked better. After intensive research and development, we have reached a new level in micromirror technology for security threads with RollingStar® i+. The innovative multi-facet substructure with an even more sophisticated way of aligning and shaping the micromirrors is more than an impossible task even for the best counterfeiters. Its striking effects of shifting colours and moving motifs also enable new possibilities for a unique and eye-catching banknote design. One of its highlights: the plus in brilliance increases visibility during authentication, even in low light conditions. Another one are the cutting-edge dynamics that are twice as fast as before and that set the benchmark for security threads. A plus in impact at first glance, and that’s what RollingStar® i+ stands for.

Your benefits

  • Outstanding optical effects with the greatest impact on design
  • Double speed dynamics
  • Best visibility in low lighting
  • Increased brilliance and design distinction
  • Enhanced banknote design options
  • Coded machine-readable magnetic properties for efficient processing (MultiCode™)

RollingStar® i+ offers your banknotes significant benefits: uncompromising security on the one hand and high attractiveness on the other.

Two optically variable effects – dynamics and colour shift – on the same surface multiply the security while these effects are very clearly identifiable even in poor lighting. It additionally gives trust by using proven Level 2 magnetic technologies. Machine-readable magnetism is reliably integrated and highly accepted amongst all major sensor manufactures.

A giant leap towards greater attractiveness

RollingStar i+ is the new thread innovation that significantly improves the reliable concept of combining micromirror, colour shift and magnetic technology.

And by embedding the security thread in the banknote substrate, security reaches an unmatched level – the combination of security and design on a banknote at this standard is exclusively possible with cotton-based banknotes.

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