The best of both worlds

High security and a unique design that tells your story

Louisenthal’s varifeye ColourChange (stripe) gives you vibrant colour and movement delivered by colour-intensive sparkling foil on a finely lasered window. This is precision engineering at its best: careful attention to the tiniest detail for maximum visual appeal – and incredibly difficult to forge. In direct light, the main motif shimmers in sophisticated gold, while in translucent light the LaserCut™ window appears in intensive blue. This effect is visible from both sides of the banknote. When you turn the note over, the back shows a contrasting shape and size, created by laser to a design which is also spectacular and easy to authenticate. The result: excellent teamwork between all the security components in a tiny work of art.

Your benefits

  • Intricate design is a real eyecatcher – even in low light – and easily recognisable
  • Supports unique creations with millions of micromirrors, colour changes and animated effects
  • Can be combined with different technologies integrated in one foil element
  • Highest level of security as the front-to-back effect is extremely hard to counterfeit
  • Design flexibility with a wide choice of shapes, motifs and colours
  • Also available with Hybrid ADDvance and all our other substrates
Durability throughout the banknote’s lifespan

As one of the world’s foremost cash cycle specialists, Louisenthal takes a global view when it comes to the varifeye ColourChange technology. That’s why we have ensured that its stand-out effects and security features can be applied to almost any banknote substrate and last throughout the banknote’s long lifecycle. 

Our holistic approach also lets you echo the varifeye motif in other security features, such as watermarks and printed elements. Its flexibility also lets you integrate the design from the front through to the back of the banknote, opening up entirely new design possibilities. As a result, your notes tell a unique and coherent story about your country. Securely. 


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