Spectacular security

Window and patch strike a perfect balance

Assimilating appealing images and security features on a small banknote used to be a challenge for any designer. But not any longer. With varifeye ColourChange Patch technology, Louisenthal has devised a highly innovative and attractive solution. In direct light, the main motif shimmers in sophisticated gold, while in translucent light the LaserCut™ window appears in intensive blue. This effect is visible from both sides of the banknote. When you turn the note, the back shows a contrasting shape and size, created by laser to a design which is also spectacular and easy to authenticate. Minimum space, maximum impact!

Your benefits

  • At-a-glance recognition and authentication for the public
  • Highly secure with front-to-back design effects
  • Extremely difficult to counterfeit due to technical complexity
  • Also available with Hybrid ADDvance and all our other substrates
  • Free choice of patch shapes, designs and colours
Under the surface

The patch is placed over a transparent window integrated in the banknote. This window – designed using Louisenthal’s LaserCut™ or Filigram® punching technology – is extremely secure. It also has a major benefit for customers in that it supports any design they choose, no matter how intricate. The varifeye ColourChange patch can include a range of features such as:

  • Micromirroring for a vivid glistening effect on the surface of the image
  • 3D-like impression option ideal for representing animals, portraits or buildings
  • Intensive colour change when looking at and through the window

Explore our Secure Windows

Our 360° view shows our state-of-the-art patch technology. The varifeye® ColourChange patch saves space on the banknote, enables unique designs and is easily recognizable. Our patches can be applied with different application systems.

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