Hybrid ADDvance®

It’s the culmination of years of research by our scientists and engineers. It can easily be leveraged in your existing banknote series if they’re made of cotton, LongLife or Hybrid substrates. The innovative substrate features a flexible security concept that enables central banks to scale the security elements across all denominations. The principle underlying Hybrid ADDvance is that all the important security elements are protected by a thin foil – including the stripe or patch element through to innovative secure windows. And that makes the note incredibly resistant to dirt and wear, contributing to the success of your clean note policy.

Your benefits with Hybrid ADDvance

  • Touch and feel of cotton banknotes
  • Substrate-embedded security technology for maximum security
  • Super-durable features for demanding circulation conditions
  • Sustainability at its best
  • Optimum machine readability and processing


Hybrid has proved its success for lower denominations in many countries worldwide. You can customise its cotton core with watermarks, security threads, and machine-readable elements to ensure the banknote substrate is secured against counterfeiting. And it keeps its good looks well into old age! Encased in an ultra-thin but tough polyester film, Hybrid banknotes are durable, resisting soiling, tearing and creasing even in tropical climates and other difficult circulation conditions. Printing on Hybrid enables you to leverage our wide range of security features, attractive intaglio printing for an embossed feel, and the soft texture of cotton banknotes.

Your benefits with Hybrid

  • Security combined with durability
  • Integration of a range of security elements
  • Same printing processes as conventional banknote paper
  • Sustainable  comprised of recycled cotton with only minimal fossil-based materials (polyester)  

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