Hybrid ADDvance®

As a high-tech substrate, Hybrid ADDvance® ensures that your banknotes are longer in circulation – even in tropical and other rough conditions – while staying stunning and highly secure. Hybrid ADDvance® gives you unprecedented freedom to choose from Louisenthal’s scalable portfolio of effective security features for every banknote, blending design excellence with matchless resilience. The combination of an attractive design and stateof-the-art security features embedded into the heart of Hybrid ADDvance® lets you tell a compelling story on each denomination and across the series.

Make your elements small, large, dynamic, and optically variable… your choice. No limits.

Your benefits with Hybrid ADDvance

  • Touch and feel of cotton banknotes
  • Substrate-embedded security technology for maximum security
  • Super-durable features for demanding circulation conditions
  • Sustainability at its best
  • Optimum machine readability and processing

Is security more important than durability when it comes to currency?

This is precisely the question that will be addressed in our video. We take our customers through an in-depth journey through the substrate by our new feature note series.

Experience together with our experts the excellent integration of features, substrate, design and printing on the durable and secure substrate Hybrid ADDvance®.

Durable and secure

Hybrid ADDvance® is a composite showing a cotton core which is protected on both sides by an extremely thin foil, guaranteeing that the substrate or banknote retains its familiar cotton-like feel that people instinctively trust.

Design integration at its best

The rough shell of the crab is brought to life on the banknote by means of intaglio technique printing. On the horizon, the lighthouse’s shining rays, integrated into the secure foil stripe, are dynamically animated when the banknote is tilted. These stunning optical effects are the result of micromirror and hologram technologies, which also form the basis for the cloud and the denomination number. Under a UV lamp, the lighthouse gleams as well, interconnecting the foil and printed elements. The seagull watermarks add depth to the image and provide an additional cross-reference to the foil security feature.

Brochure HybridADDvance


Hybrid has proved its success for lower denominations in many countries worldwide. You can customise its cotton core with watermarks, security threads, and machine-readable elements to ensure the banknote substrate is secured against counterfeiting. And it keeps its good looks well into old age! Encased in an ultra-thin but tough polyester film, Hybrid banknotes are durable, resisting soiling, tearing and creasing even in tropical climates and other difficult circulation conditions. Printing on Hybrid enables you to leverage our wide range of security features, attractive intaglio printing for an embossed feel, and the soft texture of cotton banknotes.

Your benefits with Hybrid

  • Security combined with durability
  • Integration of a range of security elements
  • Same printing processes as conventional banknote paper
  • Sustainable  comprised of recycled cotton with only minimal fossil-based materials (polyester)  

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