When you can choose between security and durability – simply take both.

Hybrid ADDvance banknotes stay clean and stiff even under difficult circulation conditions; less wear and tear means less cost for reprints and more efficiency in the cash cycle. Optimum machine readability and efficient co-processing and note destruction of Hybrid ADDvance banknotes are further advantages of this innovative combination of cotton and an ultra-thin film of polymers. But speaking of cotton, the cotton fibres used for Hybrid ADDvance are short-fibre by-products of the textile industry – a recycled material – and enhance the substrate’s contribution to sustainability.

Hybrid ADDvance allows you to use our full portfolio of effective security features, thus combining the greatest possible security with exceptional freedom in design – across the entire denomination.

Hybrid ADDvance®

Make less plastic work. With unmatched security from within.

‘Value for money’ also applies to banknotes – the longer a banknote is in circulation, the more efficient it is. The advantages of polymer banknotes here are obvious: high durability and longevity in the cash cycle even under demanding climatic conditions. The disadvantages are equally obvious: above all, compromises in security. And because the security of banknotes is not an area where we at Louisenthal compromise, we have found a solution that uses the advantages of polymer without having to accept the disadvantages. Hybrid ADDvance enables the embedding of key security features such as a watermark or security thread directly into the cotton core of the substrate. This core is protected by an ultra-thin layer of polymer. Hybrid ADDvance thus offers the best of both worlds – combining cotton and polymer into a unique banknote substrate that makes sustainable confidence in banknotes possible.

Your benefits with Hybrid ADDvance

  • Substrate-embedded security technology for maximum security
  • Super-durable features for demanding circulation conditions
  • Sustainability at its best
  • Optimum machine readability and processing
  • Touch and feel of cotton banknotes
Watermarks, threads, foils and machine-readable elements – all embedded in the substrate and protected by an ultra-thin polymer film.

As new and innovative as Hybrid ADDvance is, the look and feel of the banknotes are familiar in everyday use. This makes the public’s confidence in the authenticity of their banknotes stable. And for the processing machines in the cash cycle, Hybrid ADDvance does not cause any difference to conventional cotton banknotes in terms of readability and processability.

As a result, Hybrid ADDvance is a quantum leap for more sustainability, more durability and more security.


Hybrid has proved its success for lower denominations in many countries worldwide. You can customise its cotton core with watermarks, security threads, and machine-readable elements to ensure the banknote substrate is secured against counterfeiting. And it keeps its good looks well into old age! Encased in an ultra-thin but tough polyester film, Hybrid banknotes are durable, resisting soiling, tearing and creasing even in tropical climates and other difficult circulation conditions. Printing on Hybrid enables you to leverage our wide range of security features, attractive intaglio printing for an embossed feel, and the soft texture of cotton banknotes.

Your benefits with Hybrid

  • Security combined with durability
  • Integration of a range of security elements
  • Same printing processes as conventional banknote paper
  • Sustainable  comprised of recycled cotton with only minimal fossil-based materials (polyester)  

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